The swifter you kick off your website, the faster your ideas will go live. Because of this, we have crafted a fantastic line of over 800 complimentary themes which are listed in the Site Control Panel. You don’t need to invest numerous hours browsing galleries of matching web templates and praying that you may uncover a distinctive style for your web site. The web templates are 100% easy to customize and are attainable with each of our cloud web hosting accounts.

The templates are dedicated to many topics and actions. We offer themes that can be ideal for individual websites just like blogs as well as company websites, like online shops. The majority of the themes are available only with Spleint’s web hosting services, so this will give you the ability to have a completely unique style for your website.

800+ Complimentary Themes

Entirely customizable. Automated Installing

Within our Control Panel you’ll find a range of 800+ complimentary themes. They all are specifically for any person who really wants to rapidly create a brand new web site accompanied by a unique theme, and not having to devote several hours surfing around a lot of template galleries online.

The themes are based on the commonest sorts of web sites – blogs, portfolio pages, community forums, web sites of non–profit associations, e–stores, company sites, etc.

Free Website Themes

Complimentary App Themes

Find complimentary themes for your upcoming application

We’ve produced a handful of tools (our Web Site Installer, the App Installer and also the Cost Free Web Site Generation Tool), obtainable for complimentary in the Spleint Control Panel, which will help you set up a new web app such as Joomla or Wordpress within seconds. Throughout the set up, you’re able to go with a customized theme that’ll be used on your brand new website right away.

We have complimentary themes for these apps: Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery).

Free App Themes

Complimentary Site Builder Themes

100+ perfectly customizable complimentary themes

If you’d like to establish your very own site and save cash on web design, you could make full use of our Cost Free Web Site Generation Tool. It’s a template–structured web site builder that will require virtually no HTML or CSS expertise on your part, and is available for free with every one of our cloud hosting packages.

The tool provides you with more than 100 distinct designs, which you’ll thoroughly personalize to your taste. Because these complimentary themes are created only for the site builder, there is no doubt that when you develop your site, it’s going to be unique.

Free Site Builder Themes